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Toxic tweets turned into AI sonnets

An exhibition by net art pioneer Vuk Čosić which involves the use of hateful tweets by influential politicians is on show at the Metelkova Museum of Contemporary Art (MSUM) until 15 January.

A sequel to a 2000 project in which Čosić made use of search engine queries to allow visitors to directly tap into the "actual spirit of the people," the show features sonnets generated from hateful tweets with the help of artificial intelligence and big data.

The AI generator has also been applied specifically to the tweets of Janez Janša, a former prime minister, a number of whose Twitter statements have produced headlines as well as lawsuits.

"In the live environment of Twitter, a machine reads every tweet by currently active local politician Janez Janša and - if the post meets certain technical parameters - generates a new sonnet from it.

"This sonnet is then published on Twitter as a reply to the author and thus automatically enters the history of epistolary literature," Čosić wrote, adding that "this is not degenerate art, but generated art."

For more about the exhibition, in Slovenian, visit the museum website.

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